Let's talk about how Thomas Lauren Collection got started!

On a bright n’ sunny afternoon ,in fine Park Hills ,Mo,  Tommy Gray got the notion to dismantle his 6’x8’ panels of cedar fencing, gather some tools and create 6 pieces of “home décor”. The following day he presents them to his family & friends (Shouting with enthusiasm “We could put quality, American-made product  in every home in America!!”) and thus begin a quest he’d always dreamt of, but never could have imagined.


For three years, The Thomas Lauren Collection has simply traveled to craft fairs and trade shows across Missouri. Focused on creating and building our entire line of products around the peoples wants, needs and desire-for-change. However, with each show & fair we’ve made new friends and our family has grown bigger & bigger! We all know families come with opinions (or recommendations, as they say!) and now this families members are screamin’ for stores, home parties and more customized orders!!!

If you own a shop, need personalized items, or would like  to make great money on your own time by hosting home parties or selling online, Please Contact us and help this family tree branch out just a little more!


        Thomas Lauren